It Was Kind of Like the Deal With Voldemort, Only It Was a Good Thing

Today is Tuesday.

Tuesdays are normally kind of lame. Not totally lame like Mondays, but still much more lame than Wednesdays or Thursdays. Fridays and Saturdays are like the emperors of the week, so everyone likes them. And Sundays are also kind of cool, but they’re too close to the mess that is Monday to be really cool.

So, my rating would have to be something like this:

Looking at this equation, I’m having second thoughts on putting Sunday in 3rd place. Thursday has always been an underdog and a solid contender for the Top 3, constantly on the verge of leapfrogging Sunday. Leaving work on Thursdays, you realise you only have one day left before the weekend, and that day is Fantastic Friday. On Sundays, although you are most likely free, you know that Miserable Monday is lurking right around the corner, always ready to make your life shitty again. For now, I’m keeping Sunday in 3rd place, but the next time I’m reviewing this equation, it’s possible there’s another order here. I’ll let you know.

The point of this otherwise pointless post is to try to make you forget that you’re reading this on the second shittiest day of the week. You’re welcome.

So, below, you’ll find some recent happenings in my life regarding makeup, some things I enjoy, and a discovery that changed my life.

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