Spiderman And His Incredibly Rhythmic Dance Moves

Quick pre-post note 1: Wow, “rhythmic” is a weirdly-looking word. It’s one of those words that looks wrong after looking at it for too long.

Quick pre-post note 2: Ironic to have both “pre” and “post” describing these notes.

Quick pre-post note 3: Continuing the trend to postpone important, intelligent topics far, far into the future, and therefore also leaving the fate of those topics in the hands of the highly unreliable future-me, I’m questionably happy to announce that I’m back with yet another trivial – and very short – post.

I’m sorry.


This is pretty cool. It’s not a perfect, 100% fit, but it’s definitely close enough to be considered cool. Basically, you can play any song you’d like that has some kind of a proper beat to it, and Spidey will do the rest. Needless to say, I’m envious of his smooth dance moves despite my salsa classes.

I strongly recommend you to watch the video on mute, listening to this song instead of the built-in ones. A hell of a good way to kill a few minutes. You’re welcome.

But we both know that you’re too lazy to click on not one, but two links to do what I ask you to do. And I don’t want you to miss out on this glorious procrastination opportunity. That’s why I’ll make it easy for you, and insert the dancing Spidey below this very sentence, leaving you with only one task; to pick a song of your choosing to go along with it:

“You jelly?” – Spidey (Source)

I chose to go with the hilarious and classic Cantina Band song from Star Wars: A New Hope. But more importantly:

Which song did you choose?


If you liked this post, you’re weird and I’m very sorry for you. Here’s another one you might like.