Movies, TV Shows and Anti-Me

I watched The Revenant yesterday. I liked it. But it was long. Way too long. With a 2 hour 36 minute length, I think it was at least 30 minutes overdue. That being said, it was a beautifully shot film with great performances from especially Leo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. As usual. Oh, it was also very intense at times with painful violence. Yay!

I also recognised one of the other dudes in the movie, Domnhall Gleeson.

It’s weird.

Because I’m a nerd, I just recently googled the entire cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which he was in, and that’s when I became aware of his existence and he became a blip on my nerdar. Then, a week goes by, and I discover the absolutely amazing and intensely affecting show, Black Mirror, which he was also in. Then I happen to watch Ex Machina, where he of course is the main character. As if that isn’t enough, I’m rewatching the entire Harry Potter film series with the girlfriend, since:

  • I’ve only seen them once, when they first came out, making them now re-watchable
  • I remember that I liked them more and more with each movie released, because they were getting darker and darker and more grownup
  • My girlfriend hasn’t seen it. Or at least she thought she had, but it turned out she’d only seen the first three (out of eight). She almost roundhouse-kicked the TV when Dumbledore died. She couldn’t believe it

We just have the eighth movie left, and we’re both excited. I’ve almost forgot what happens, which is very, very exciting.

Anyway, so upon starting to watch the seventh movie yesterday, The Deathly Hallows Part 1, who the hell is there if not Domnhall Gleeson! That dude is everywhere. He’s been in 96% of things I watched since Christmas. Weird.


Speaking of movies, I don’t think the Harry Potter film series is one of the best ever. It’s good enough, but not the best. I rank The Lord of the Rings higher. I rank Pulp Fiction as the greatest masterpiece ever. I think Fifty Shades of Grey was a horrible, horrible piece of cinema. I basically like all of Quentin Tarantino’s and Christopher Nolan’s movies. I am a big, big fan of American Psycho. That movie is filled with memorable, classic quotes. Despite this, HP is still an enjoyable series.


Speaking of series, TV shows are apparently the shit nowadays. A good TV show today looks like a great movie did just 10 years ago in terms of visuals and effects and stuff like that. This is a result of bigger budgets which is a result of a higher demand for quality TV.

Some absolutely stellar TV shows are, in no particular order:

  • Game of Thrones
  • The Walking Dead
  • Breaking Bad
  • Mad Men

Just amazing productions. They’re all kind of different, but what they have in common, is high quality.

A show like Suits is easy to enjoy, but I have a tremendously hard time believing it when two characters can have an intense, law-riddled conversation alone in a room for 10 minutes about a painfully insolvable case, and just as they’re about to finish the last sentence, some dude or chick steps into the room with a perfectly convenient solution and saves the day. Like they’d listen to the entire conversation from the start, hiding behind the cactus in one of the corners, which they, of course, haven’t. Or when they are handed a 300-page law document, they’d casually scan the first couple of pages, and say, “of course! Why didn’t I think of this before? It’s so obvious”.

Sure, GoT and TWD are not believable because dragons, magic and zombies, yes, I’ll give you that, but they compensate for that with realism in every other way possible. I think. Kind of.


As you know, Norway bothers me. Not the country (well…), but my colleague and friend Norway. He bothers me because he is so anti. He’s anti me. I also respect him for that. When I believe HP gets better with each movie, he ridicules me, laughs, and says he thinks it’s the opposite. He supports the Lannisters in GoT, and especially the abusive child king, bastard Joffrey. He is also a huge fan of all the Real Housewives of-series, and was just recently on the verge of tears of happiness when he discovered the Real Housewives of Melbourne edition. He also loves Justin Bieber and One Direction and he certainly keeps up with the Kardashians.



Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to return some videotapes.