Summarising 2015: Introducing the Banana Awards

Since 2015 is creeping towards its end, it’s probably a good and appropriate time to try to summarise what’s been going on the last 12, somewhat crazy months.

Also #1, for the first time ever, I’m going to launch a new, super-prestigious award; the annual Banana Awards.

Also #2, I wanted to have a “z” in “summarizing”, but WordPress insisted on going all UK English on me and spell it “summarising”, so I had no other choice than to admit defeat, assume a fetal position, wobble back and forth, and let WordPress decide who’s boss. 

Let’s go.


Personally, it’s been a great year, filled with personal development and new experiences; the vast majority of them being positive. For that, I’m thankful, grateful and appreciative. I’ve been completing my first full year working abroad, which is a new experience in its own. The only other time I’ve been away for a significant period of time was when I was studying in Guangzhou, China for a semester in 2011. Being away from family and close friends is, naturally, not preferable. However, I’ve always been very keen on living (and working) abroad, ever since I was in my teens. And I firmly believe that people should always dare to try things they’d like to try, dream to try, or wish to try, rather than not try those things, and then regret them later – for life. Let’s look no further than to Inception for an appropriate quote:

“Do you want to become an old man,
filled with regret,
waiting to die alone?”

Umm… no?

Looking back at 2015 with global goggles, it’s certainly been a total shit year. The devastating refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe caused by the assholes called ISIS, and the now iconic and heartbreaking picture of drowned three-year-old Aylan, sadly stand out when looking back at 2015.

Then, some pinheads thought that not enough shit had hit the fan, so the terror attacks in Paris and Beirut also had to occur, just to make sure that no human will feel safe for a while. Of course there are countless other tragic incidents, not getting as much attention in the media as they probably should, that are traumatising mankind, scarring us forever, always reminding us that sometimes our world is a crappy one. Boko Haram. Je Suis Charlie. The increase in support for right-wing political parties across Europe. Donald Trump running for president. Donald Trump’s hair. Scary, crappy, depressing stuff.


But, let’s end this year with a positive post.

A post where I introduce and launch the Banana Awards for the first time ever. This is a big deal. A game-changer. You know how people refer to the Oscar’s as The Oscar’s, and the Emmy’s as The Emmy’s? I’m hoping that the Banana Awards is going to become The Banana’s in the future. Plain and simple. Like, “Hey, did you hear that Sriracha won a Banana this year at The Banana’s in the Best Fucking Thing Ever category?”.

I haven’t got around to make a trophy just yet, but I imagine it will look a little something like these two happy bananas:


But first, some general, random notes about the Banana Awards 2015:

Even though some of the recipients of this very prestigious award may have been around, invented or released prior to 2015, what really counts is that discovered these things this year. Also, they don’t necessarily have to be the absolute best per se, but they must have made an impact on me, or meant something to me, this year. So now that we’ve got that established, let’s get on with it: Continue reading “Summarising 2015: Introducing the Banana Awards”