That’d be me. Founder and author of this blog, since June 2015.

Some Stuff and Things You Should Know
  • A dude from Sweden not really named Noxasi because that’d be lame
  • Staying anonymous indefinitely, convinced that anyone would actually give a shit
  • Owner of a colour TV
  • Trying to figure out how to get people to read this blog without paying people off or prostituting myself by using lame hashtags all over social media
  • Have accidentally hurt the oldest of my younger brothers at least 341 unfortunate times playing football
  • Balancing the need to tell everyone about this blog against the need to not tell anyone about this blog
  • Lactose tolerant
  • Wondering how long before I become bored of blogging
  • Also wondering how long before I become a world-famous blogger
  • Prefer to watch dark, twisted and depressing things after which I without exception assume my trademark foetal position and waggle back and forth for at least 14 minutes


For further info, see Frequently Asked Questions.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I miss this blog. Though u claim to “accidentaly hurting My brother” … Its bullshit. I heard everything was planned. PS. Im not ur brother. Ds


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