Grown Men With Earrings

Taking advantage of Evernote, here are some of the notes I have observed and noted recently, thoughts that dwell deep inside my troubled head. The first one is a special one.

– Imagine yourself sitting at the window seat on an airplane, or if you arrive late at the movies and need to awkwardly squeeze past all the good citizens who can tell time already sitting there, or if you are already sitting there but have to leave for a quick bathroom break, you really have no other way of getting past them other than to tiptoe sideways, suddenly feeling a lot worse about yourself than you usually do.

Obviously, the question you should be asking yourself is: which side do you opt to have facing the sitting person? Your front, or your back? Which one would you prefer to have in the sitting person’s face? If you were the sitting person, which side would you prefer to have in your face?


I guess if I’m the late idiot at the movies, I’d show my ass towards the sitting person. Much harder is the question which side you want to have in your face. I need more time to think about this.

– There are too many “TL;DR” people around. “TL;DR” is short for “Too Long; Didn’t Read”, which in turn is a common reply in the comment section of longer types of articles, posts or similar things. The attention span of today’s average person is too damned low. So, this post is for the TL;DR’s. At least this paragraph is.

Relatedly and recently, I showed one of my friends this article, which is about the immensely interesting topic of Artificial SuperIntelligence (ASI). He literally told me “too long, didn’t read”, which made me frustratedly clench my fists in my pockets, and look at him disappointedly while I contemplated if our friendship was really worth maintaining. Granted, it is an unusually long article compared to many others surfacing online on Facebook, Buzzfeed, or even various news sites, but the topic is too mind-blowing and important to the future of humanity to simply ignore.

I really recommend it.

– Grown men with earrings. What’s up with that?

– In Thailand, on many tourist attractions – parks, museums, and temples for example – there’s a price for Thais, and there’s a price for foreigners. Also, there is one line for Thais, and there is one long-ass line for foreigners. You’d think that if we (the foreigners) are forced to stand in a much, much longer line than the locals do, we’d at least have to pay a reduced price. But no, our price is at least twice as expensive as the local price, and very often even more expensive than that. For instance, if the price of admission is 100 THB for a local, it could be as much as 500 THB for a foreigner. Oh, and foreigner usually means black or white, not other Asians. Not to sound like an old man, but where I come from, that’s discrimination, and it would generate all kinds of headlines, debates and maybe even demonstrations.

The general reasoning behind this, regarding the foreign (tourist) prices – not only in the above-mentioned parks, museums and temples, but also when negotiating for a fare price with some devilish taxi drivers – is that if you can afford to travel wherever you came from, and spend the equivalent of a quarter of a year’s salary on a plane ticket, surely you can afford to pay a little bit more than the rest of us. Hard to argue with their logic, but it still sucks to always have to pay more for whatever it is that you want, just because you’re foreign. And it’s still discriminating. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget, a student, or simply broke – if you’re black or white, you should pay up.

– Since I have started to get the hang of this, having a blog, I have been spending an awful lot of time inside the settings, stressfully comparing different layouts, themes and appearances, depending on how I want my site to look like. I have arrived at the current one. This one is manly enough with greyish font and large letters, is called Ecto, and nothing and no one can really question my manliness regarding this choice. This is obviously important to me, since I bring it up here. And I am fairly satisfied with the contents under the “Menu & Widget” button on the top right side on the homepage. I’m not a perfectionist in many aspects of life, but in this particular case, I am. The site doesn’t have to be perfectly serious, or perfectly professional, but it should be perfectly coherent. Coherence is key.

– I’ve started a Twitter account for this site. Not really sure how I manage that yet, though.

– Because I’m so experimental, this post is scheduled for publication in a few hours, since I am playing around with a feature that allows me to control when the post is to be published. This is very exciting.

– Everytime I press “Save Draft”, WordPress cheerfully tells me “Draft saved. Keep on goin’!”, which makes me feel guilty and weak, since I wanted to wrap this post up after “coherence is key”, and get it published.

I need help.


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