Alright, so

Welcome into the mind of Noxasi. First order of business; I know you’re a firm believer that Noxasi is my real name and that there’s proof of that in my passport, but no, sorry, that’s just not true. What kind of an idiot would be named Noxasi? I’m not really sure what that even means – or what I’m doing here, for who I’m doing it, or what I’m trying to accomplish when doing whatever it is that I’m doing. We’ll just have to find out as we go, so stop being all judgmental.

I guess this blog (weird; I never saw myself as a blogger) will be about random observations and thoughts that I think about in my days on this planet. The unfortunate people who know me have always said that my brain likes to come up with super-interesting things go on random walks in the park, and sometimes very often say or think of things that no one in my genius group of friends ever say or think about. But I can’t think of anything just now. Shit. But I have heard that I seem to have a lot of things on my mind that many others don’t, and I need to be able to vent them. So sorry, I might go all JD from Scrubs on your asses many times in the future on this blog in order to do that.


As you probably realise, this is the very first time I ever try something like this – blogging. I have zero experience of these kinds of things, not counting the – in my opinion – outrageously awesome website I created for the amateur football team me and my friends had in our late teens. We had an almost infinite number of readers on that site in comparison to this sorry excuse for a blog. That page was, like, super huge relative to this one. We had seven loyal readers back then – yes, seven – who only stayed loyal because I whipped them otherwise. I know, impressive. And they were all teammates and long-time friends of mine.

I mean, 7 solid readers, who are also long-time friends and teammates of mine, rather than a bunch of weird strangers – like you? Awesome, I’d take that any day (quality over quantity). Until you realise that that’s not even 50% of the total players on the team (we were like 16 guys).

Maybe quality isn’t the answer.

And right now, I have zero readers in this now even sorrier excuse for a blog. Lame. But, since 7 divided by 0 equals something similar to the very abstract concept of infinity, that’s how I’d like to remember my former amateur football team website – as infinitely popular.

Anyways. I guess I’m trying to figure out what the hell I’m gonna be posting on this blog in the nearest future, or if this will be my one and only post.

What if I become famous, and not anonymous as I am now, and this post is published next to a photo of me?

The horror.

I better step up my game.


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